Iqonic Triabit

Pro-Dosa BOOST are the New Zealand Distributors for Iqonic Triabit. The Triabit is a unique bit design. It allows race horses to perform better by relieving them of the stress and discomfort associated with traditional bits, ensuring that they settle easily in races and that they don’t waste energy in running.

This bit was developed to be kinder and gentler on the horse while, at the same time, providing better control for the rider. Horses relax quickly on the Triabit because it is more comfortable than ordinary bits and it does not pull into the sides of the horse’s mouth. The patented design allows the benefits of a snaffle without the pinching (and subsequent choking down) that can result from other bits.

About Iqonic Triabit

The most efficient way for a horse to gallop is with its neck and head stretched out, every time a horse pulls against the rider or throws its head in the air, it compromises race performance. When huge prize money can be decided on minutely small margins at the finish line, wasted energy and compromised momentum can be the difference between winning and losing.

The Triabit ensures that your horse has not wasted energy battling against an uncomfortable bit or a heavy-handed rider so that there is as much “fuel left in the tank” at the winning post as possible. The Triabit’s patented and registered design allows the snaffle to travel up and down on the loose rings, ensuring that there is no unnecessary pressures on the horse’s tongue or lower jaw.

Horses increase their galloping speed not by moving their legs more quickly, but by increasing their stride length. It is important to understand that a galloping horse takes one big breath per stride. To be able to maintain a longer stride length, a horse needs maximum oxygen flow during that stride, or it will start to shorten its stride to combat the fatigue that results from insufficient oxygen flow. This is one of the key reasons that the bit works: it allows the horse to relax and breathe more easily, enabling it to race with maximum stride length and, hence, maximum speed.

The Triabit may just be the fastest way to improve a race horse’s performance. There is a reason that some of the biggest racing operations in the world are now using the Triabit.