Pro-Dosa BOOST – Essential in Horse Management

Pro-Dosa BOOST is an essential component in the management of my competition dressage horses during times of intense training, competition and travel.  Often, during these periods, my hot-headed, sensitive dressage horses can be more inclined to go off their feed.  With Pro-Dosa BOOST, I know my horses are receiving all the vitamin, mineral and electrolyte replacement they need – in a handy, easy to administer paste

Wendi Williamson, Dressage, New Zealand

Pro-Dosa BOOST – Brings Them Back Onto Their Feed

“I have been using Pro-Dosa BOOST on all of my horses trained in Hong Kong. It is extremely beneficial after a hard gallop and as a pre- and post-race treatment. When compared to any similar product, Pro-Dosa BOOST has far more vitamins, amino acids, potassium and trace elements than any product offered on the market. I have found Pro-Dosa BOOST to be extremely beneficial to bad doers, bringing them back on to their feed in no time at all. It is a product that I keep well-stocked in my stable and it has stood the test of time here.”

David Ferraris

Pro-Dosa BOOST a Serious Product, Highly Recommend

Pro-Dosa BOOST is a serious product.  We find it particularly useful for travel and for getting them ready for race day.  I can highly recommend it.

Hear what Tom has to say about  his champion racehorse “Gordon Lord Byron”, world travel and Pro-Dosa BOOST.

– Tom Hogan, Thoroughbred Trainer based in Nenagh, IRELAND

Pro-Dosa BOOST an Excellent Tonic

We use Pro-Dosa BOOST regularly post hard work and for racing.  It’s an excellent tonic which really benefits the horses’ overall recovery.  We are very happy with it.

— Johnny Murtagh, Thoroughbred Trainer, Kildare Town, IRELAND

Pro-Dosa BOOST – Practical and Beneficial

I have found Pro-Dosa BOOST paste to be practical and tremendously beneficial when my horses are competing, travelling, and working hard, especially when I am competing over multiple days or when it is hot.

— Mary Hanna, RIO 2016, Equestrian – Dressage, Victoria, Australia

A Carefully Profiled Array of Nutrients in Pro-Dosa BOOST

I’ve not seen a product anywhere in the world that matches Pro-Dosa BOOST in terms of increasing stamina and promoting lean muscle mass – less delayed muscle soreness, better appetite, increased capacity for work – and perhaps most importantly, these horses have a brighter mental attitude and are enthusiastic about their work – which I put down to them feeling better in themselves, less tired, less stressed. This can only be due to the carefully profiled array of nutrients in Pro-Dosa BOOST.

I see clear cut and obvious differences in horses that receive strategic supplementation pre- and post-work with Pro-Dosa BOOST, because ultimately to give the best nutritional support you absolutely must provide the nutrients the muscles are looking for – and at the time the muscles demand them.

— Dr J H Stewart BVSc BSc PhD MRCVS Dip BEP AAIM, Veterinarian / Nutritionist at Jenquine

Good Results Using Pro-Dosa BOOST

We have seen good results using Pro-Dosa BOOST in our team of endurance horses, especially in the areas of hydration and appetite, with the horses eating and drinking well. For endurance horses during competition, these parameters are vitally important to performance and recovery.

We have used Pro-Dosa BOOST for the last two years on our novice horses and on our team competing at the highest level, both here, in Australia, and overseas.  Good results for Toft Endurance were achieved at the 2016 World Endurance Championships (Dream Dancer te) and we also had a win at Moncuq 3* in France recently (Charlotte te).

We also use Pro-Dosa BOOST for our harder training sessions and prior to and during travel.

— Penny Toft  Toft Endurance, Queensland, Australia

Pro-Dosa BOOST Support for Health, Performance and Recovery

Racing in Singapore is tough, and it is hot and very humid all year round. It can be challenging to keep horses well hydrated and performing at their best in these conditions. Pro-Dosa BOOST was recommended to me by the veterinarians at the Singapore Turf Club, so I began using it regularly, as an alternative to stomach-tubing with electrolytes. I have found it to be less stressful for my horses, and it is providing general support for health, performance, and recovery as well. To me, it’s just a sensible product that’s good for my horses and fits in well with my stable management system.

— Stephen Gray, Horse Racing Trainer at Copper Belt Racing Stables, Singapore

Count On Pro-Dosa BOOST To Help Maintain Top Performance and Recovery

With my competition horses, I can always count on Pro-Dosa BOOST to help maintain top performance and recovery after a class. I never go anywhere without my box of Pro-Dosa BOOST for my horses.  It’s quick and easy to use. — Leeshelle Small, Show Jumping Rider, Ramarama, New Zealand

Pro-Dosa BOOST - An Integral Part of Training and Performance

Pro Dosa Boost has been an integral part of Enstrom Performance Horses’ (EPH) training and performance program for a number of years. Used as a training tool, we find the horses to be more alert, trainable, and better conditioned for endurance competitions. We also use Pro-Dosa BOOST at all of our competitions. Pro-Dosa Boost is pre-loaded prior to the competition and used throughout, helping to keep the horses in excellent metabolic condition along with a great mental state of mind. The difference is not only visible, but we can really feel it, almost like a turbo switch! Our horses respond so well to Pro-Dosa BOOST and we see it as one of the most vital tools for successful completions at endurance races.

— Chris Enstrom and Ursula Keenan, Enstrom Performance Horses, Canterbury, NZ

Pro-Dosa BOOST Gives Me Confidence

I have been using Pro-Dosa BOOST with my competition dressage horses for the past two seasons with great success. Prior to using Pro-Dosa BOOST, my advanced horse, Watergate, had tie–up symptoms related to travel, competition and intensive training. I use Pro-Dosa BOOST as a pre-competition tonic, travel sickness preventative, and for recovery during intensive training periods. Watergate has had no tie-up related symptoms since commencing this prevention programme. The extensive list of replacement minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes included in Pro-Dosa BOOST gives me the confidence that my horses are receiving all they require to prevent fatigue and loss of performance.

— Wendi Williamson, Dressage, Waitekauri Farm, New Zealand

Pro-Dosa BOOST – Very Impressed with the energy levels.

“I used it when I did a 16km ride a few weeks ago (that’s quite a big ride for us) and was very impressed with the energy levels of my horse.  Normally she starts with a hiss and a roar, but loses energy. On this ride, she was full of energy (but not overly silly with it) right to the end. I was impressed!”

Annette Wakefield, Tauranga 

Pro-Dosa BOOST – Better Heart Rate

“Had a couple of people that I have put on to boost – they got talked into buying something else at the farm shop that was slightly cheaper. They used two tubes. I used one Pro-dosa BOOST; half before and half after. Our horse’s heart rates are usually similar, but my horse was 10 beats lower across the line with a better final heart rate. She said that she won’t be talked into anything else now!!!!”

Anna Graham, Palmerston North