Nervous, Stressed, or Excited? Relax! Pro-Dosa BOOST Isn’t Just for Energy. – by Anna Stormont and Dr. Corinne Hills

May 21, 2018
Nervous, Stressed, or Excited? Relax!  Pro-Dosa BOOST Isn’t Just for Energy. – by Anna Stormont and Dr. Corinne Hills


Pro-Dosa BOOST is formulated to replace essential nutrients lost in training, competition, transport or stress, so many people use it to ensure their horses have the energy needed for competition, but did you know that Pro-Dosa BOOST contains nutrients that help manage your horse’s nervousness or excitability too?

There are several nutrients recognised to be important in the maintenance of normal nerve and muscle function when horses are under stress.  Magnesium, Tryptophan, Tyrosine, and Thiamine (Vitamin B1) have all been used for nervous horses, and these nutrients can have a greater impact when used in optimal balance together than when fed separately.

Magnesium is the most commonly known nutrient for calming. It is an essential mineral involved in nerve transmission, cardiac rhythm, muscle function, and relaxation. Low magnesium can lead to nervousness, loss of appetite, and poor body condition in horses.  This can be a vicious circle as nervous horses tend to use extra energy and sweat profusely, further depleting their magnesium stores.

Tryptophan is an essential amino acid required for the production of serotonin in the brain, and as serotonin functions to maintain mood balance, tryptophan has been associated with reducing distress and aggression. Essential amino acids are not produced in the body, so they must be provided in adequate quantities in the feed.  Some standard hay and grain diets are deficient in tryptophan.

Tyrosine is another amino acid that is an essential component for the production of several brain chemicals called neurotransmitters.  These help nerve cells communicate and influence mood.

Thiamine has a direct role in nerve impulse transmission, and scientific research has shown it to relax horses. It is also important in energy metabolism and helps to control hyperactivity. Thiamine works cooperatively with magnesium and other B vitamins and should be given with calcium, which potentiates effect.   Thiamine is produced in the hindgut by microbes, providing the horse with sufficient amounts on a daily basis. Horses that are under stress or have impaired digestive functions, however, may not produce enough to meet requirements. They may benefit from supplementation.

Pro-Dosa BOOST contains all four of these vital nutrients in optimal balance with each other and with all of the other nutrients required for their absorption and function. It is important to remember that the body needs a full complement of nutrients in careful balance to achieve optimum health, performance, and recovery.  Administration of individual nutrients may result in imbalances that actually impair availability and usefulness.  By providing all of the nutrients required in greater doses when horses are under stress, energy levels and attitude can both be supported, while normal appetite, thirst, and metabolism are also maintained.

For the past decade, Pro-Dosa BOOST has been used in 35 countries, in endurance, show jumping, eventing, hunt, and dressage horses, whether travelling and competing at a novice or international level, for performance, recovery and health.




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