Which Supplement do you Choose for your Horse?

May 21, 2018
Which Supplement do you Choose for your Horse?

There is a seemingly endless selection of “Horse Supplements” – powders, pastes, and liquids… But how do we know which one to choose?

There are so many supplements available for your horse on the market, figuring out which one to use can be an overwhelming task. Each product claims to be the best at aiding the horse, but is that really correct? How do we determine which is best for our horse and how do we know if it will meet its requirements?

When choosing a suitable supplement, there are several things to consider, but most importantly, we want to provide our horse with a safe and beneficial supplement that is easily administered.  Supplementation can be expensive, ineffective, and even detrimental if it isn’t carefully balanced.

We often get asked, why is Pro-Dosa BOOST provided only by syringe and not available in a bulk form?

Pro-Dosa BOOST is provided in an 80 ml syringe for…….

 Ease of administration with no wastage

  • Precise quantity of recommended daily nutrients in every dose…bulk formats may settle providing more at the bottom and less at the top
  • Security … a capped syringe prevents contamination
  • Stability… a syringe allows no ‘free air-space’, limiting oxidation (degradation) of nutrients
  • Compact and convenient, can be easily stored (especially when travelling)

Supplements are available in other various forms like liquids in bottles, powders in buckets or bags, and pastes in bulk to be administered via a drench gun. When using supplements like these, you must be careful that you don’t deliver less or more than your horse may require.

  • Nutrients (minerals, vitamins and amino acids) provided in powder, liquid and paste form will generally start to settle in layers, with heavier nutrients slowly moving to the bottom.  This process is known as sedimentation.    It is caused or facilitated by movement and occurs over time.  When product sedimentation occurs, it is nearly impossible to know how much of each nutrient is actually contained in a scoop or dose. You can’t guarantee that each of the nutrients are administered in the correct quantity and even if they are provided in the bucket in correct ratios, imbalances may result.
  • Powders placed in feed often create palatability issues and can cause feed refusal. Horses may try to eat around the powder, if not fully mixed, or refuse to eat any of the feed provided. The result is wasted feed, supplement, and cost.
  • When product is used from a bucket or bottle, more ‘free space’ is left and filled with air. Where air contacts the surface of product, oxidation can occur.  This is a form of degradation which can affect the quality of the nutrients.  Powders can absorb moisture from the air, which causing molding, clumping, and hardening, making them more difficult to use or entirely unusable.
  • Contamination can occur when a lid is left off a bucket or bottle. A manner of contaminants could fall in, quite unnoticed. Bacteria, molds, and even other products or pharmaceuticals, accidentally introduced, when fed to your horse could potentially lead to illness, product viability issues, or positive drug tests.
  • Using a syringe or drench gun from a bulk container can facilitate the spread of illnesses and viruses throughout a stable. ‘Double dipping’ the syringe from horse to horse or back to the container of liquid or paste is it not the most hygienic practice. While most manufacturers would recommended the thorough cleaning/disinfection of drench guns between horses, in a stable setting, this is rarely done.

It is important to remember that the body needs a full complement of nutrients in careful balance to achieve optimum health, performance and recovery.  We feel that providing Pro-Dosa BOOST via a syringe is the easiest, most reliable, safest, most hygienic and most cost-effective way to provide your horse with complete and correctly balanced nutritional support. You can be assured that Pro-Dosa International Ltd have and always will continue to produce a secure product with unsurpassed quality.

If you would like more information on what to look for when reading a supplement label make sure you read our blog article Reading Labels Blog …

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